Armare s.r.l.
via Meucci, 3 - Z. I. Aussa Corno
33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) - ITALY

#SY #Superyacht #Perini #Perininavi #Sybaris #SYSybaris

C2227: 70 metre Perini Navi with Armare Ropes

The code name of the project was C.2227. Translated corresponds to the first unit of the new generation of sailing vessels of 70 meters Perini Navi, the new Superyacht "Sybaris". New style, powerful and dynamic, new lines and sailing rig to allow maneuvers to sail with a speed never seen on a boat of this kind. The new arrived Ketch, currently in the final stages of construction, will be the second largest vessel ever launched by Perini Navi, after the 88-meter clipper Maltese Falcon.

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