SSL Gold Cup Final Series: relive all the emotions!

Let’s see what happens in the spectacular Final Series of SSL Gold Cup: the “Sailing World Cup” designed to crown the best sailing nation of all. Armare Ropes is the official supplier of the standing rigging of the SSL 47 fleet, the one-design class that competes in the SSL Gold Cup.



The final phase of the Star Sailors League Gold Cup pitted 40 countries against each other in Grand Canaria, ending one week ago with the epic Grand Final that saw Italy, Hungary, Holland and Spain competing. It all started with 56 nations, making the final 40 at the Final Series with five rounds of competition to reach this stage. The SSL Cup concept is a championship between nations with a simplified regatta format, similar to the Football World Cup.

The boats employed are the SSL47, a modified RC44 specially developed for the SSL Gold Cup, without electronics and ultra-simplified, to level the playing field between nations. Armare Ropes has crafted the standing rigging for SSL 47 boats. We used HTS terminals and PBO rigging, to ensure outstanding performance for these high-performance boats with an appealing aesthetic design. Learn more about Armare Ropes’ standing rigging solution for SSL 47 boats.

SSL Team Hungary cross SSL Team Spain at Grand Final (c) Gilles Morelle


Following football, cricket and rugby, sailing launched its own World Cup to crown the world champion nation: the SSL GOLD CUP. This brand new Mundial shares the concept of all major World Cups, bringing together the best teams from 5 continents 100% built of their best national athletes. The top 56 countries of the world, chosen based on their SSL Nation ranking, vied for the prestigious Sailing World Cup trophy. The Qualifying Series took place from May to July 2022 in Grandson, Lake Neuchatel, Switzerland, designating the top two teams from each group qualified for the finals in the Canary Islands.


SSL GOLD CUP Final Series - Matchboard


SSL Gold Cup Final Series

The SSL Gold Cup Final Series kicked off November 10th 2023, with a round of 32. The Finals concluded with a final four-nation match on 3 December starring Italy, Hungary, Holland and Spain. After 23 days and 64 races in Gran Canaria at the SSL Gold Cup, it all came down to the epic victory of SSL Team Hungary. Let’s relive the thrilling Grand Final!


Experience some of the golden moments of the SSL Gold Cup by watching this 4 minutes clip selection.


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Photo: Martina Orsini / Gilles Morelle for SSL Gold Cup