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Classic line

Complete range of ropes for the mooring, the anchoring and the running rigging of classic sailing boats.

Vintage boats often need ropes of a technical and qualitative level which is superior to those of modern boats.

This is because the volumes, the water lines, the weights, the sail area and the deck rigging inflict a heavy duty on rigging lines.

Classic line

Classic and vintage boats, for regattas and cruises

The ropes of the Classic line are available with different cores in Dyneema® and in Polyester, coupled with covers in Polyester in the characteristic Gold (hemp) colour.

They are recommended for use as sheets, halyards, tackles, vang, or after guys on vintage boats.

In order to help shipowners and professionals in the choice of the most suitable rope, every product is completed by specic use tips.

In addition to the ropes for running rigging, Armare Ropes also offers a range of mooring ropes, with very high technical characteristics, in the special Gold (hemp) color

Product range

Classic line

Special treatments

Different special treatments may be applied to the braided cores and to the technical fibers to enhance their characteristics in terms of elongation, creep and resistance, and to obtain even better performance.

Soft Braid 1 and 2 are manufactured with a polypropylene core and differ in the cover, in Polyester or Dyneema® / Polyester respectively. Both ropes have the special “Grip” treatment which makes them excellent for bare hand use.

Soft Braid 3 and 4 are two performance ropes, both with core in Dyneema® SK78 + PU and cover in Dyneema / Polyester, and Dyneema® / Polyester / Kevlar® respectively. Both ropes are resistant to abrasion and have an excellent behavior during fast surges, a feature that makes them the perfect choice for use such as sheets and control lines.

Soft Braid Classic - Comparative table

Soft Braid 1
Polypropylene Braid. Good quality cover, light core with low breaking load and medium elongation. Suitable for applications that do not need particular performance and require to use the rope both by bare hand and on stoppers (for example control lines of dinghies and small boats). Being easily spliceable it can also be used as closed circuits on manual furlers.

Soft Braid 2
Polypropylene Braid. The introduction of Dyneema® combined with Polyester results in a sliding cover that is more resistant to abrasion, but always with a light weight polypropylene core with low breaking load and average elongation. Aimed at general use, but with frequent runnings, it is a cheaper alternative as a sheet for dinghies and small boats.

Soft Braid 3
12 strand braid, made with Dyneema® SK78, impregnated with PU coating. Sliding and abrasion resistant cover, good breaking load and low elongation core. Destined to sheets and control lines with frequent running.


Soft Braid 4
12 strand braid, made with Dyneema® SK78, impregnated with PU coating. Sliding cover with excellent resistance to quick surge; optimal duration against abrasions, thanks to the Kevlar® fiber. Low elongation core with good breaking load. Destined to sheets with frequent and fast running.

Marine and yachting

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Classic line

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