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Performance line

Armare Performance line products are made using with two different fibers that can be eventually completed with different choices of treatment and protective covers.

The ropes are available as single braids, or can be configured as desired by combining the different cores with the covers.
Various preficongured ropes are also available. The Performance line includes a selection of soft “Soft Braid” ropes intended for use on day cruisers and performance boats

Performance line

Performance and lightness for fast cruisers and club racers

The Performance line groups highly performing ropes, particularly indicated for use on fast cruiser and club racer boats.

The range focuses on two technical fibers: Dyneema SK78 and Vectran®, also available with different special treatments, in order to obtain even better performance.

The cores can be coupled with a wide range of protective covers with different features, to be used as sheets, halyards or other running rigging on board.

Performance line

  • > Single braid
  • > Double braid (Core + cover)

Select a single braid, or compose the ropes in the configurator by choosing a core and a protective cover from the various available.

Performance Line

Single braid

Single braid
  • Dyneforce 78Dyneema SK78
  • Superound 78Dyneema SK78
  • Light 78Dyneema SK78
  • Vec-tecVectran
  • SupercompactDyneema SK78

Single braid

Double braid

  • Dyneema® SK78HPS + PU
  • Dyneema® SK78PU
  • Dyneema® SK78
  • Vectran®PU
  • Black Technora® Dyneema®BTEC / DYN
  • Black Technora® Dyneema® PoliestereBTEC / DYN / PET
  • Black Technora® PoliestereBTEC / PET
  • Kevlar® Dyneema® PoliestereKEV / DYN / PET
  • Cordura®PoliestereCRD / PET
  • PoliesterePET

Double braid

Single braids

Performance line

Dyneforce 78
12 plait with Dyneema® SK78 impregnated with polyurethane coating and special heat treatment HPS. Ideal for tackles, backstays, runners, baby stays, control lines, strops and loops; moreover for lashings where a good breaking load and a low elongation are required

Superound 78
12 plait with Dyneema® SK78 impregnated with polyurethane coating. Ideal for bindings, leading blocks, control lines and tackles.

Light 78
12 plait with Dyneema® SK78. Ideal to build the tack points on sails.

12 plait in Vectran® with polyurethane coating. Ideal for luff and leech lines, furling cables, steering gear and control lines if protected from UV rays below deck or hidden inside of the sail.

12 plait with Dyneema® SK78 impregnated with polyurethane coating, with a supercompact construction. Ideal for all those uses which require a more compact, abrasion and bending resistant single braid, at the expense of a slight increase in elongation.

Special treatments

Different special treatments may be applied to the braided cores and to the technical fibers to enhance their characteristics in terms of elongation, creep and resistance, and to obtain even better performance.


Performance line

Dyneema® SK78 + HPS + PU 
The High Modulus fiber Dyneema® SK78, characterized by a remarkable stability under constant loads, provides the following features: low creep, elevated breaking load, low elongation, light weight, low level of water absorption, high resistance to UV rays and abrasion, great flexibility, high resistance to cutting. The ropes made with Dyneema® SK78 + HPS + PU are therefore destined to extreme performances, especially during highly demanding regattas when the permanent load is continuously present.

Dyneema® SK78 + PU
This Line of ropes differs from the previous version Dyneema® SK78 + HPS + PU to the lack of the HPS treatment, which means that there is no thermic pre-stretching under load. This makes the rope more manageable, as the core is more supple. It has a slightly different breaking load and elongation in comparison with DYN 78 + HPS + PU, because the braid is not settled (it means that the differences of tensions between fibers are not adjusted). However, its general features remain at a high level, making this rope affordable to boats and crews of a less extreme technical level.

Dyneema® SK78
These ropes are made with the same quantity of Dyneema® SK78 and the same parameters of construction as the previous versions, but have not undergone any type of treatment. This makes them soft, while maintaining all the characteristics of Dyneema® SK78 with slightly lower performance. Given the absence of treatment, it is not advisable to use the rope without a cover. Particularly suitable for ropes when maximum handling over time is required.

Vectran® + PU
The main feature of the Vectran® fiber is having a near zero creep if used under loads up to 50% of the breaking load. Vectran® braids are ideal when used under static loads, e.g. as main sail and genoa halyards, as well as for steering line systems and afterguys. But it’s important to remember that the fibre is not resistant to UV rays and therefore it isn’t particularly suitable to be used without cover, unless in specific cases protected from the light or if replacements are constantly planned.

Technical features Dyneema SK78 Vectran
Tenacity [cN/dTex] 35,1 24,2
Modulus [cN/dTex] 1160 530
Creep [-] Molto buono Eccellente
Specific gravity [Kg/dm3] 0,975 1,41
Fusion Temp [°C] 147 330


Performance line

Black Technora® / Dyneema®
The mixture of these fibres has been carefully studied to be fairly distributed in order to make them take advantage of their mutual characteristics, both in terms of durability and performance. Excellent results in order of smoothness, abrasion resistance and durability have been reached.

Black Technora® / Dyneema® / Poliestere
This item is suitable for many different boats and uses because of its excellent resistance to abrasion and to repeated bending. Compared to TEC/DYN covers, it is easer to customize thanks to the presence of Polyester and it even becomes more recognizable in the distinction of the different manoeuvres.

Black Technora® / Poliestere
It combines high level functional characteristics, with UV and abrasion resistance as well as a good grip. Thanks to the mixture among the Black Technora® and the different Polyester colours, the look is also winning.

Kevlar® / Dyneema® / Poliestere
It preserves similar characteristics as its sister-cover BTEC/ DYN/PET, but thanks to the high point of fusion of Kevlar® it is more suitable for high speed manoeuvres and load, where the ropes reach high temperatures. It holds one of the best grips but a lower UV resistance in comparison to Black Technora®, which is composed by special pigments that protract the life of the rope, despite of the exposure to UV rays.

Cordura® / Poliestere
This rope stands out for its lightness and perfect grip. It has been studied to obtain an excellent grip on stoppers and winches through the use of special anti-slip fibers.

It is the most used fiber on different types of boats thanks to its good resistance to UV rays and to abrasion and for its excellent durability to atmospheric agents. Moreover, it is easy to customize and ideal to diversify the different manoeuvres.

Soft Braid 3 and 4 have a core in Dyneema® SK78 + PU.
Soft Braid 3 has a cover in Dyneema® and Polyester, while Soft Braid 4 cover is in Dyneema®, Polyester and Kevlar®.

Both have a Grip Treatment on the cover, which gives excellent feeling in the hand, as well as ensuring superior grip on the stoppers. These ropes are resistant to abrasion and have an excellent behavior during fast surges, a feature that makes them suitable for use as sheets.

Soft Braid 5, instead, has a core in Dyneema® SK78 + PU with Super Shape anti-attening insert.
This feature make it even more performing and suitable for use as sheets on ratchet blocks, where the special Super Shape treatment prevents triangulation.

Soft Braid Performance - Comparative table

Soft Braid 3
Braid made with Supercompact Dyneema® SK78, impregnated with PU coating. Sliding and abrasion resistant cover, good breaking load and low elongation core. Destined for sheets and control lines with frequent running.


Soft Braid 4
Braid made with Supercompact Dyneema® SK78, impregnated with PU coating. Sliding cover with excellent resistance to quick sure; optimal duration to abrasions thanks to the Kevlar®
fibre Low elongation core with good breaking load. Destined for sheets with frequent and fast running.


Soft Braid 5
Braid made with Supercompact Dyneema® SK78, impregnated with PU coating and anti-flattening insert. Sliding cover and resistant to abrasions. Super Shape core with anti-flattening insert. For sheets which are designed to perfectly work on winches and blocks and do not create loops and kinks.

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Performance line

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