Diving line ropes and products for diving use

The Diving line products are divided into three different levels, depending on the type of user.

All divers, from amateurs to experts, to diving and underwater fishing professionals, can find the right item suited to their needs

Diving line

Four levels, eighteen products: a complete range of single braids or complete ropes
specific for diving use.

01. Recreational use

Entry level

  • Sagola
  • Medusa
  • PET Minirolls

02. Expert use


  • Dynext PU
  • Superound 78
  • Triton
  • Poseidon
  • TK040
  • TP150

03. Professional use


  • Dynext HPS
  • Neptune BK
  • Neptune Pro
  • Titan
  • Coral BK

04. Generic use

All purpose

  • Elastic
  • DynElastic
  • Delphinus
  • Treccia monofilo

Special treatments

Different special treatments may be applied to the braided cores and to the technical fibers to enhance their characteristics in terms of elongation, creep and resistance, and to obtain even better performance.

Diving line - Entry level

Diving line - Performance

Diving line - Professional

Diving line - All purpose

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