Powerboats line

– Floating mooring ropes
– Conventional mooring ropes
– Special finishes
– Multiuse ropes and accessories
– Custom fender covers
– Floorline anti-slip floor matting

Powerboat Mooring rope

Mooring and anchoring ropes

Wide range of mooring and anchoring ropes, both floating and conventional,
characterized by high performance, excellent durability and extensive customization possibilities

The main features of this line are the special handcrafted finishes and protections, the customized colors, the high breaking load and the lightness of the ropes. The products are intended for mooring and anchoring of Super Yachts, when extraordinarily high loads are required.

The line includes floating ropes and also ropes in high visibility colors. All the products of the line can be completed with fine manual finishes, stainless-steel thimbles, leather protections.

Floating ropes

Powerboats line


Secur Line
Balanced twist 8 strand braid made with 100% Dyneema ® SK78 and PU Coating. Ideal for emergency anchoring and long mooring from boat to land and as towing line. Made of 100% Dyneema ® SK78 it assures high breaking load, lightness, low elongation, almost zero water absorption, high visibility of the rope and high resistance to abrasion and cut.


Novus Line
Double Braid – 100% Dyneema® SK78 core, 100% H.T. Polypropylene cover. The latest new rope concept for floatable moorings and towing lines. Novus Line is a new generation rope made with a Dyneema® SK78 braiding core, which assures the 100% of the load and protected and covered by a 12 strands braid in H.T. Polypropylene with UV treatment. The result is an incredible floating rope extremely flexible and easily maneuverable, with high breaking strength, light weight, low water absorption. It assures a good protection from accidental cutting and is spliceable with a right technique.


Square Line PP
8 strand braid in H.T. Polypropylene with UV treatment.Multi-use floating line, for long moorings and towing.

Square Line PP - Powerboats line

Conventional ropes

Powerboats line


Storm  Line Plus
Balanced twist Dyneema® braided core, Polyester cover. It brings a significant improvement to the lives of the crew, ensuring very high breaking load and small diameters, extreme safety and low water absorption. Furthermore, thanks to the core in Dyneema®, the weight is halved if compared to ropes with equal load in Polyester/ Nylon. The choice of Storm Line Plus for the mooring of your boat provides an economic benefit over time, thanks to the extraordinary durability

Storm Line
Balanced twisted Polyester braided core, Polyester cover. Ideal for Super Yachts but also for emergency or long moorings of small and medium sized boats.

Round Line
12 strand braid in Polyester. For the mooring of small boats to Super Yachts. Always smooth, even after prolonged use. Easy to splice.

Square Line
8 strand braid in Polyester. Commonly used for the mooring of all types of boats up to Super Yachts, anchoring as well as temporary and long moorings of medium and small boats.

Sea King
3 strand rope with balanced torsion, double twist construction in Polyester. This is the best choice for permanent moorings, for mooring on mooring posts and for all types of boats

Additional finishes

The ropes of the Powerboats line can be completed with many additional finishes. These special processes are handcrafted directly by Armare, at its laboratory.

Splices and special finishes can be customize directly online by accessing the Armare Ropes Congurator.

In addition to the ones available in the catalogue, Armare can perform special finishes on request: contact our technical department for advice.

  • Splicing on stainless-steel thimble
  • Handmade finishing with Cordura® heavy fabric
  • Handmade leather finishing
  • Splicing with loop of every size
  • Possibility of embroideries on every type of protection

Stainless-steel thimble without protection

Cima con lavorazione su gassa senza protezione

Loop without protection

Cima con impiombatura a gassa con protezione in pelle

Loop with leather protection

A gassa, con protezione in tessuto pesante Cordura®

Spliced loop with Cordura® fabric heavy protection

Standard colours of the ropes




Special colours of the ropes

Silver Grey



English Green


Leather protections




Cordura® heavy fabric


Fender covers

Fenders covers by Armare Ropes are the best choice to protect the sides of the boat
giving it a touch of class and personality

Thanks to the wide range of sizes, Armare fender covers are suitable for small boats as well as Super Yachts. Fender covers are available in 9 colors and can be customized with the embroidery of the name and / or logo of the boat. They are easy to put on and do not risk slipping into the sea; they are machine washable at 40 °C and are extremely resistant to atmospheric agents, sea water and UV rays.

Armare fender covers are an excellent investment to extend the life of the fenders over time and to preserve gelcoat and paint on the sides of the boat.

Fender Covers
Main features
  • Optimal protection for the sides of yachts
  • Longer life of the fenders
  • Great simplicity of installation
  • Available both for cylindrical and spherical fenders
  • Manufactured in 100% bouclé acrylic
  • Resistant to sea water and U.V.
  • Machine washable at 40° C
  • Custom embroidery

Multiuse ropes

Minirolls and ropes for any use on board

Armare Multiuse line groups a series of braids proposed in small diameters, and sold in minirolls with different lengths, colors and compositions.
The line includes various non-technical lines, which can be used for the most varied uses on board.

Multiuse line - Minirolls

Multiuse line

Seadamps, the new
mooring system

The Seadamps, coupled with Armare high
performance ropes, make any mooring more
stable, comfortable and safe.

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