Armare s.r.l.
via Meucci, 3 - Z. I. Aussa Corno
33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine) - ITALY


Pendragon: Line Honors in the Rounditaly Genoa - Trieste

Less than a week to go around Italy on a sailing boat. Departure from Genoa on September 16th, the maxi...

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International Hannibal Classic 2021: the winners

The fifth edition of the International Hannibal Classic – Sergio Sorrentino Memorial has brought together 36 vintage and classic sailboats...

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At Vendee Globe with Clément Giraud - Compagnie du Lit / Jiliti

Armare Ropes, together with Soluzioni Tessili Rigging who handle design and installation, have supplied  ropes and cables for the new rigging...

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Pendragon: sophisticated solutions for the new rigging by Amare Ropes

Pendragon: a new rigging by Armare Ropes for the refitting of the prestigious maxi, 70 feet one off in carbon...

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There is trash floating everywhere!

A love of the sea is at the heart of the project zer°emission. Respecting it is fundamental in offshore racing....

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Armare Ropes re-starts production: highest priority to safety of people and continuation of activity

Armare Ropes took measures as by Italian Authorities to counteract the emergency caused by Coronavirus and re-starts production with 2...

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