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Alessandro arrives at Les Sables

Alessandro Di Benedetto (ITA) on Team Plastique has crossed the finish line of the Vendée Globe at 15h 36mn 30s (French Time). He finishes eleventh in the race.
Whatever the weather, wherever he was on the globe, Alessandro di Benedetto was this Vendée Globe’s eternal ray of sunshine. His constant good humour, his transmission of his simple joys of being at sea, his rich accent and unstoppable dialogue stole the hearts of race fans and followers a long time ago. But in finishing eleventh today so too he completes a very good sporting performance.
Alessandro first words: “I want to thank Didier Elin and Team Plastique, as well as all the people working at Port Olona or the city of Les Sables d’Olonne and everybody who supported me. They’re the ones who made it possible for me to experience all that. This is such an amazing adventure, it’s so moving, and it’s the passionate people who make this race a unique event. When I heard of them in interviews or when I thought about them, I would get moved to tears.”

Alessandro arrival – Watch the video