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The last day for Alessandro

Reached by phone on Wednesday, Alessandro Di Benedetto is still focued on the cargo traffic surrounding while enjoying better weather conditions

His current situation
I have sailed up to 14 knots. I am sailing with an angle of 130-140 °, starboard tack and mainsail. I had to pull up the code 0 and I headed in another direction. I am now up wind: code 0 is not made for these conditions, but I use it in place of the small gennaker. Within a few hours the wind should begin to turn.

The sun has risen for a few hours, there are still a lot of cargos – there are than 20 of them within 12 miles, we must continue to be careful. During daytime it’s alright but at night it is different.

I just had my second breakfast of the day with rice cakes I prepared yesterday and a coffee with milk latte. Things are going well. I mainly watch the cargo traffic on the AIS and with the VHF if needed. But I should start to free myself from the most intense area while entering the Gulf.

I cleaned a bit the boat for the finish, I’m about 377 miles away from Les Sables. Currently I expect to arrive on the 22 in the morning. I hope before but we’ll see, the wind will tell!

Bay of Biscay
I should have between 15 and 20 knots upwind, but there may be surprises, you have to expect a little more. I do not like too much upwind sailing in the Gulf, we must be careful because the sea can quickly become brittle and cross. Above all, the angle is not good at all. The upwind is over 20 knots of wind is not ideal for a 60 ‘.

His boat
The boat has no problem, the rig is in perfect condition, keel and rudder are fine too. Everything is alright, I’m sailing properly! I continue to pay attention but apart from the sails, the boat is at 100% of its shape.