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You can do it!

Despite the crisis, the general defeatism and lack of enthusiasm, you can do.

After 104 days of solo sailing, Alessandro Di Benedetto finished the Vendée Globe, round the world solo and non-stop.

The only Italian in this edition, the third Italian in history to complete the most extreme racing.
Despite his great ability as a sailor, many doubted: the budget was tight, the project was delayed and Alessandro was for the first time faced against the greatest sailors in the world.
But his foresight, his great ability and determination prevailed.

A solitary sailor and a boat owner, because often the owners, in regattas with a crew, they act as the child of the courtyard that brings the ball: he decides the teams and where to play, even despite the result (this is one of the main reasons for I love to sail solo).

A book that has inspired me is the story of his crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in alone on a beach catamaran. A second hand cat, set up in the garden of a house on the hills around Bologna, owned by friends.
Certainly since that time he dreamed the Vendée Globe, and now that dream has become reality.

Bravo Alessandro, and thanks for showing us once again that you can do!

As for me, I’ll cry, I’ll sweat blood, if necessary I’ll make some tricks, but sooner or later I will take the start of the Vendée Globe.

Sergio Frattaruolo