Composite Cables
& Standing Rigging

Armare Ropes designs and produces complete high-tech textile rigging solutions. The products are tested and developed with the collaboration of professional riggers on high-performance boats, in extreme sailing conditions.

01. Composite Cables

Fore & Aft

Textile rigging solutions, with high performance cables made in high modulus fibers, which make them resistant and light.

02. Torsional Cables


Torsional and structural cables, with exceptional torque transmission, for the furling of the luffed headsails, like code zero sails, drifter, and more.

03. Standing Rigging

Rigging Solutions

Standing rigging and retrofit systems in PBO-Zylon®, with internal (Tip-Cup system) or external passage of the cables.

04. Custom Strops

Custom, Lock, Forestay Strops & Lifting Kits

Custom Strops handcrafted in Dyneema® fiber, with handcraft finishes, customizable for any application.


Our latest rigging projects


Sling, construction in
continuous winding

A unique construction tecnique for maximum performance
Cables in PBO-Zylon® owe their exceptional resistance to the particular “continuous winding” construction. The internal fiber is pre-tensioned starting from bobbins and is wrapped, with a technique called “sling”, between two fixed points (terminals), which are then melted at the ends of the cable.


Pin or lashing

Lightweight and indestructible terminals
Armare suggests the simplest and most effective solution for the terminals of the cable, thanks to the direct encapsulation of technical fibers and the steel terminal, on which the resin covers are molded. Discover the wide range available in different types and sizes.


Maintenance and service
of textile systems

The Armare Ropes service program
All Armare Ropes cables and textile systems, correctly used, can last in perfect efficiency for many years, even longer than the corresponding steel cables, giving the user all the required performance satisfactions. Some simple precautions in their use and the programming of a correct service interval are however essential.


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