Tosetto at the Global Solo Challenge with Armare Ropes

On October 28th, Riccardo Tosetto will set sail for the Global Solo Challenge aboard his Class 40 “Obportus” equipped with running rigging by Armare Ropes. For the Italian navigator, participating in this non-stop solo circumnavigation is the realization of a dream, and we are thrilled to stand by his side in this adventure.

Tosetto alla Global Solo Challenge 2023-2024.

Among the 20 sailors lined up for the start of the Global Solo Challenge 2023/2024, the solo, non-stop race around the world, there will also be Riccardo Tosetto. The Italian professional sailor will participate with a used Class40 and a reduced budget.

The dream began last spring when Tosetto seized the only opportunity to qualify and fulfil a lifelong dream by facing two thousand miles alone, without stopping, across the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Departing from Trieste on May 17th, in just twelve days, he covered the required distance to pass the mandatory test, securing a spot to participate in the Global Solo Challenge in October.

The qualification also provided an excellent opportunity to test the boat and gather feedback, allowing for a few additional improvements aboard “Obportus” to make it even more performance-oriented and comfortable before the departure on October 28th.

Armare Ropes’ technical lines on Riccardo Tosetto’s “Obportus”

“Obportus” is a 2007 fibreglass Class 40 boat that has already participated in numerous international races: Transat J. Vabre (2007-2013-2019), The Transat (2008), Les Sables-Horta (2009), 1000 Milles Brittany-Ferries (2009), Route du Rhum (2010-2014-2018), Normandy Channel Race (2014), Ocean Race North (2015), and Quebec-Saint Malo (2016).

After acquiring it from the French professional Louis Burton, Tosetto spent the past winter disassembling and reassembling the boat piece by piece, reinforcing and adapting it to face solo ocean navigation. To equip it for the adventure of a lifetime, Riccardo chose the technical lines from Armare Ropes.

For running rigging, we chose high-performance ropes with cores in Dyneema® SK 78 HPS and covers in Technora + polyester, while for the backstays, we chose Supercable 99. Additionally, we made a unidirectional structural torsional cable in PBO on a KARVER KFX 4.5 structural furler and a unidirectional torsional cable in Dyneema® for the staysail.

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Cime Armare Ropes su Obportus di Riccardo Tosetto GSC 2023-24

Global Solo Challenge. Unique format, budget-friendly, environmentally conscious

The Global Solo Challenge is the first eco-sustainable single-handed without assistance around the world sailing event. Participants navigate through the three great capes: Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, and Cape Horn. Unlike any other round-the-world event, the format promotes eco-sustainability and reduces participation costs.

The eco-friendly competition rules encourage the reuse of existing boats. All participating boats are grouped by performance characteristics and set off in successive departures: from the slower ones, which set sail on September 2nd in La Coruña, to the faster ones, such as Tosetto’s “Obportus”, which will depart eight weeks later on October 28th. The aim is to ensure equal opportunities for victory for all.


Global Solo Challenge percorso

The route of the Global Solo Challenge

Riccardo Tosetto

Riccardo Tosetto is a 36-year-old Italian skipper from Cittadella (Padua). His love for sailing began in childhood, initially on dinghies, sports catamarans, and later cruising yachts. At 14, he encountered Angelo Preden, a renowned ocean navigator. Under his guidance, Tosetto started practising offshore sailing during long journeys in the Mediterranean. After several seasons, at the age of 18, he decided to turn his passion into a profession.

In November 2006, together with mentor Angelo Preden, he purchased “Blue Drake”. In just two years, they sailed across the Mediterranean, spent a season in the Caribbean, and completed two Atlantic crossings, sailing over 25,000 nautical miles.

He spends much of his time in the Aegean Sea, where he organizes cruises with his offshore sailing and charter company, Ventomare. For several years, he participated in major competitions in the Northern Adriatic with his racing boat, achieving some overall first places and several class wins. This journey led Tosetto to his most significant project: participating in the Globe Solo Challenge 2023 / 2024.


Riccardo Tosetto alla GSC 2023 / 24 con le cime Armare Ropes

Photo © Riccardo Tosetto