‘New Year? New Rigging!’: find more about Armare Ropes new venture to support competitive sailing

Armare Ropes has always been determined to give a real supporto to the spread and improve competitive sailing, especially among young athletes. This explains its long-serving collaboration with the Federazione Italiana Vela (FIV) and the determination in finding always new ways to achieve its main goals.

Its new venture ‘New year? New rigging!’ offers to winning teams the possibility to gain a new rigging for free or with massive discounts, going from 30% to 40%. The discount depends on the results of the ranking list of 2022 season.

The classes which Armare Ropes dedicates its offer are 470 MIX, 420 OPEN, 420 U17, 420 U19, ILCA 4 U16M, ILCA U16F, ILCA 6 U19M, ILCA 6 U19F, ILCA 7 U21, Nacra 15 and 29er. This year, only Italian teams can apply to the offer. However, it could be possible to have new openings for the editions to come…

Credits: fivestudio.it