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Storm Line Plus and Stretcher Loop: union makes the strength

Mooring ropes made with technical fibers, characterized by high breaking loads and low elongation, require the use of “shock absorbers” able to cushion tears and frequent mechanical stress Super Yacht lines are exposed to.


The Combination of Dyneema® mooring line and Polyester stretcher loop is a durable solution. The shocks are absorbed by the relatively inexpensive and easy-to-replace stretchers. Stretcher loop acts as a sacrificial element, and the main mooring line is effectively protected; In this way the structural line can be used many years than the traditional mooring lines.

With Storm Line Plus by Armare Ropes, a mooring line made with a Dyneema® core, the line can be thinner and lighter. This allows to save space and weight in the vessel. Those loops are custom-made in accordance with the breaking load of the ropes which they will be settled on. For best results, it’s possible to use different ropes, made with Dyneema® fibres and with high breaking load, like our Secure Line (8 strands rope) and in particular our Storm Line Plus (double braid with Dyneema® core); we always advise to equip them with a proper “Stretcher Loop” made with Polyester H.T. Rope eye spliced and stretcher loop can be also protected by a Leather, Cordura® fabric or Dyneema® cover.

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