Maxi Jena: new standing rigging by Armare Ropes

Maxi Jena: a page of history of Slovenian sailing and the Barcolana. An extraordinary sailing boat that has undergone several structural and equipment refits over the years, can now benefit from a new textile standing rigging, entirely developed and built in San Giorgio di Nogaro by Armare Ropes.

Maxi Jena's HTS terminals by Armare Ropes

The new HTS terminals during installation


Armare Ropes has recently designed and engineered the complete refitting of the Maxi Jena standing rigging, using continuous PBO cables. The previous rigging was instead made with discontinuous cables, resulting in an increase in the complication of the system, as well as in the overall weight.


Masting operations of Maxi Jena

Mast stepping operations of Maxi Jena


Compared to the previous rigging, the number of cables has gone from the original 20 to 8 of the current rig designed and produced by Armare Ropes and the number of terminals has more than halved from 52 to 22. This intervention resulted in a drastic weight reduction of about 45%: from the original 80 kg to the 45 kg of the rigging supplied by Armare Ropes.

The new rigging integrated perfectly with the existing equipment which, therefore, did not require any changes, significantly reducing the overall cost. In fact, chain plates, turnbuckles and attachment points on the mast have been preserved, following an adequate check.



For the fitting we used our latest models of HTS terminals, made of high-performance stainless steel by CNC milling, to guarantee an absolute dimensional precision and to the advantage of a perfect optimization of the size / weight ratio, thus giving great resistance but with contained dimensions and weight. The Armare Ropes internal design team, as usual, followed all the phases of this custom project and also supported the installation of the new rigging.


Maxi Jena at Barcolana 53 - 2021

Maxi Jena at Barcolana 53 – 2021


The recent performance of Maxi Jena at Barcolana 53, in very demanding weather conditions with bora gusts above 45 kts, confirmed the high quality of the project as well as the competitiveness, even with strong winds, of the Slovenian maxi.


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