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Way of Life – former Morning Glory – wins with Armare Ropes

A new textile forestay in PBO for the 86 Reichel Pugh Way of Life – former Morning Glory – which continues to reap successes. After the conquest of the Bernetti Trophy she is one of the most accredited boats for the victory at the Barcolana, scheduled for Sunday 10th October 2021.


Way of Life - former Morning Glory - nuovo strallo tessile by Armare Ropes


The just installed new textile forestay completes the 2019 intervention, which included the construction and installation of the entire textile rigging made of continuous PBO-Zylon multifilament. Way of Life will compete at the highest level in the next international events. The cable is entirely designed by the internal Technical Department and built in the Armare Ropes plant in San Giorgio di Nogaro. It is designed to achieve extreme performance, with a Breaking Load over 50 tons. The forestay ensures approx 30% less weight than a more traditional Nitronic 50 solution. The construction of the standing rigging and forestay of Way of Life, recently re-stepped, was possible thanks to the collaboration with Daniele Augusti – Wave Professional Sailing Equipment.


PBO forestay of Way of Life, winner of Trofeo Bernetti 2021.

Exploded view of the upper stay terminal, built in high-performance stainless steel, designed and built by Armare Ropes