Armare stands for environmentally friendly ropes

Armare Ropes is constantly committed to respect the environment using only responsibly produced technical fibers and an eco-sustainable production process.


Armare, le cime che rispettano l'ambiente


Armare Ropes is aware that our every choice has an effect on the environment and that the future of the coming generations depends in large part on our present choices. This is why it has always pursued a model of corporate growth focused on social responsibility, on respect for the territory as well as on the protection of the health and well-being of the people who work in the company. We are committed to continuously improving our processes to achieve increasingly important standards of excellence while reducing the impact, rationalizing water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and waste production, favoring and promoting the use of eco-compatible products. Sustainability in all its forms is for Armare Ropes is a daily mission.


An environmentally friendly production process

Armare Ropes care the sustainability throughout the entire production chain, ensuring the sustainable procurement of the incoming raw materials through to the disposal of production waste. For the construction of the ropes we use only technical fibers produced responsibly respecting human rights and the environment. All internal operational processes and the choice of production materials are carried out in strict accordance with the latest concepts of environmental sustainability and environmental friendliness such that the Armare production chain can boast a recycling rate higher than 96%.


Dyneema® Bio-based: sustainably sourced, same incredible performance

To further reduce its carbon footprint, Armare Ropes is switching its entire portfolio of products made in Dyneema® to be made exclusively from the new  Bio-based Dyneema®, providing the same trusted strength and reliability, yet contributing substantially to climate protection. The introduction of the new bio-based Dyneema® allows the gradual transition from the use of a conventional energy source (fossil fuel) to a renewable one: compared to standard fiber manufacturing the production of each ton of bio-based Dyneema® saves 5 tons of CO2 emissions into the environment. A small but significant contribution to reducing the atmospheric pollution and improving the eco-sustainability of the entire Armare Ropes production chain.

Armare also supports several raising-awareness projects against sea pollution for the reduction of environmental impact and the protection of marine ecosystems and biodiversity. Because at Armare “sustainability” most of all means having a responsible attitude towards people, the territory and its community. All this so as to bequeath to new generations our most precious asset: the future.