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A new standing rigging by Armare for the Farr 70 SY “Atalanta II”

The supply of the new PBO Standing Rigging for the Farr 70 “Atalanta II” owned by Carlo Puri Negri has been completed by Armare Ropes. This project posed a real challenge, both from the point of view of the design of the fitting and of the production of the actual rigging. In fact, this project involved the complete standing rigging, including hangers and deck tents, which had to be adapted to the new mast configuration that was radically modified from the previous setting.


Atalanta II – Photo © IMA / Gianluca di Fazio / from Giornale della Vela

The Atalanta refitting, designed by Bruce Farr in 2004, was completed at the Adriasail shipyard in Fano in 2016 under the expert guidance of the Italian yacht designer Umberto Felice who took care of the new project. After five years on the ground, Atalanta II is now back in the water and started with a victory at the Volcano Race 2016 as well as a great second place at the 151 Miles 2017, behind SY Pendragon.


Atalanta II – 151 Miglia 2017 – Photo © Fabio Taccola Studio / From

The magazine Giornale della Vela recently dedicated a very interesting and complete article to Atalanta’s refitting for which Armare Ropes has been chosen as a partner for the design and the production of the new standing rigging in PBO. In the article, a long interview with Umberto Felci, describes the designer’s work to bring in perfect shape Atalanta.  Read here the full article (Italian Language).



The enormous bundle PBO fibres composing a cable of Atalanta II – © Armare Ropes



Atalanta II – the terminal of the backstay V1, fixed to the special tightener prepared on deck. © Armare Ropes


Having designed and built all the PBO standing rigging for such a prestigious and highly performing yacht as Atalanta II is an awesome goal for Armare Ropes, company that continues to collect important projects among the maxi yachts competing in the most demanding international races.

Here you can see a full photo gallery of Atalanta II: