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NM 38 Scugnizza World and Italian ORCi Champion

Armare is proud to announce the great successes of the NM38, designed and optimized by Eng. Maurizio Cossutti. The choice of our products from the shipyard as from the project manager is a source of pride for Armare, which thanks to these prestigious and successful collaboration has succeeded in developing an excellent product available for installation on any type and size of boat. Let’s look more closely at the technical characteristics and direct benefits that this innovation can bring on a boat of this type.

The textile rigging designed and manufactured by Armare for the NM38 is in PBO-Zylon of the continuous type, this means that the lateral rigging is composed of a single cable starting from the deck (V1) and branches subsequently the height of the individual spreaders for forming the diagonals (D2-D3).

Duration of rigging
These particular construction is very safe and provides excellent mechanical durability over time.
What has the most influence on the duration of the rigging are the number of miles traveled, which will have a different weight depending on the type of boat, the type of navigation and design features of the rigging.

Replacing the normal rod rigging
Improve a racing yacht with a solution similar to that used on NM38, replacing the rod rigging with a textile rigging Armare, is relatively simple and affordable for all: technical aspects of design and installation are followed by our product specialists and the only part to be changed are the heads of the spreaders, more streamlined and lighter than those for rod rigging.

Main advantages of the textile rigging
Light weight: the weight savings is huge, considering that the entire textile rigging on NM38 weighs only 8.62 kg against the equivalent Nitronic 50 rod which would have a total weight of 33.80 kg

Pitch and roll: the textile rigging greatly reduces the burden on the masthead, with important benefits that are reflected in the righting moment of the boat. This involves the possibility of increasing the sail surface of the yacht or to reduce the weight in the keel, with obvious advantages of the performance of the boat.
The forestay textile allows a simpler and better regulation and reduction of the overhead, which is also created by the weight of the cable which is attracted downwards by the force of gravity.

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