Furling line

Furling line is the new line by Armare Ropes dedicated to ropes for fore sails furling.

The product range includes 4 ropes with cores in Dyneema® SK78, HMPE or Polyester, coupled with covers made in different mix of technical fibers.

Each rope has different specifications and intended use depending on the type of boat and system on which it is to be used.

Product range

Furling line

  1. Double Braid Rope

    Tornado 1

    Core 100% Poliestere HT
    Cover VEC / PET

    SKU: NA71C87

    The polyester core is making this rope more elastic and less performing in terms of breaking load. Nevertheless, the quality of the cover in terms of grip and resistance to abrasion.

  2. Double Braid Rope

    Tornado 2

    Core 100% HMPE
    Cover PET

    SKU: NA89C87

    The core in HMPE fiber, places the performance of this rope halfway between Polyester and Dyneema® SK78. Medium/low stretch and good breaking load.

  3. Double Braid Rope

    Tornado 3

    Core 100% Dyneema® SK78
    Cover VEC / PET

    SKU: NA48C87

    Dyneema® SK78 increases the breaking load and decreases the overall stretch of the rope. The core is more stable and doesn’t scare heavy stress.

  4. Double Braid Rope

    Tornado 4

    Core Dyneema® SK78 + PU
    Cover BTEC / PET

    SKU: NA17C86-furling-line

    The Dyneema® SK78 core manages the reduce the crushing of the rope keeping it round and compacted, the cover in Black Technora and HT Polyester has a great grip.

Special treatments

Different special treatments may be applied to the braided cores and to the technical fibers to enhance their characteristics in terms of elongation, creep and resistance, and to obtain even better performance.

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