There is garbage floating everywhere!

Love for the sea is at the heart of the project zer ° emission
project zer ° emission
Respecting the sea is essential in offshore regattas. Sailors live to and from the sea. The water we drink comes from the ocean, filtered only by the desalinator. We keep our garbage bags sealed inside the boat and shower in the rain. Our vulnerability to the natural elements is total. That’s why we go out there. But one of the things we suffer most from is not natural. Rather, it is the opposite. We saw plastic bottles, styrofoam, plastic bags, Crocs and balloons, just about everything, including a garden table. Before each departure, we must reverse, just to check the debris collected by our keel and rudders. The pollution of our sea is unreal and tragic.

project zer ° emission

Armare Ropes actively supports the project zer ° emission