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Armare “Gold Partner” of Bernetti Trophy in Trieste

The regatta will take place on 4th October 2020 in the Gulf of Trieste.

Now in its 49th edition, the Bernetti Trophy is the most important regatta organized in the Gulf of Trieste, after the Barcolana. Since the first edition in 1972 the Bernetti Trophy has been reserved for ORC certified boats.

The regatta takes place every year on the first weekend of October, one week before the Barcolana, in the Gulf of Trieste.  The race starts from Bacino San Giusto  and ends in Sistiana, at the foot of the Duino Castle. This race has always captured the attention of sailors all over the world interested to prepare themselves for the Barcolana, scheduled for next weekend. And also for the pleasure of racing on such a fascinating route.
Armare Ropes supports the Bernetti Trophy as “Gold Partner”.

More info about Bernetti Trophy: