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Armare Ropes supports TRI_sail4all 

Armare Ropes supports TRI_sail4all a project promoted by I Timonieri Sbandati A.S.D. An important and complex project that want to achive very significant objectives.

The project provides a solo navigation for a specific reason: to prove that everything is possible if it’s done with great care and professionalism.

Marco Rossato, co-founder and vice-president of I Timonieri Sbandati ASD proved that. Marco is a sailor with a twenty-year maritime experience who became motor disabled to the lower limbs following a motorcycle accident.

The project is a journey around Italy to raise awareness and open new opportunities for port and shipyards and also for all the people who have more or less serious motor difficulties. Last but not least, the TRI project aims to show that everyone can live the sea in the same way, if they are equipped and experienced.

I Timonieri Sbandati A.S.D: