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Armare supports “For African Children”

Armare Ropes is proud to announce its support to the non-profit association”For African Children”. Armare will provide the lines as part of the project that involves the construction of a hydroambulance to use into the waters of the Congo River in Africa.

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There in Congo, the main highways are the rivers. The Congo River, the second in the world for water flow, cross-country for 4000 km, of which the most navigable. The many tributaries are an impressive range of major rivers flowing through dense rainforests, rich villages who live thanks to the rivers. The project involves the construction of a hydroambulance equipped for emergency neonatal, pediatric and adult service that will be employed into the Kwilu River (a tributary of the Congo River) with the hospital base in Vanga, unique in the area and one of the largest and best equipped in the country. Reaching the medical center by land is long and difficult especially in rainy periods when the few roads become rivers of mud. The river remains the main street and the pirogues currently used it,  but the navigation is slow and dangerous because of the presence of hippos, true masters of the river. The hydroambulance instead be able to cover long distances in a short time and provide first aid and advanced life support on board the vessel, with the possibility to manage vaccination campaigns, health information and medical practices of various specialties. The project involves the training of local health workers and volunteers with which to cover 365 days 24 hours 24 service hydroambulance, according to international protocols.

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