MAP Mini 6.50: Andrea Fornaro close the race in fourth place

Andrea Fornaro concluded with a magnificent fourth place the Trophée Marie-Agnès-Péron 2014, approximately 200 miles of racing solo. In addition to an invincible Giancarlo Pedote, which continues to put together a series of incredible first places in the Proto class, now Andrea begins to worry the French in class “Serie”.
The race proved to be challenging, with a tactic strongly influenced by currents and thermal unreported.

The next appointment will be participating in the Mini-Fastnet starting on June 22: about 700 miles path Douarnenez – Chenal du Four – Wolf Rock – Fastnet Lighthouse – Douarnenez. Alongside Andrea will be Raffaele Fredella. Armare will continue as always to follow Andrea Fornaro and Raffaele Fredella with its products and offshore service.

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