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The regatta in the regatta

Assume that one wants to run with a bike against Valentino Rossi. Even if it was a good driver, even if it had a good budget, in fact it’s very difficult for him to compete next to him.
The ocean sailing, like other sports, allows athletes of different levels and with very different budgets to compete together.

Continue to do my best for months, hour after hour, alone, knowing you will never win the race, requires a strong mental balance and a great awareness.
Each skipper has its own objectives, based on several aspects as the starting condition (performance level of the boat, technical capability, determination, etc.): some of them competing for the win, others to finish within the first five and others just to complete the race. But all are united by a common victory: they are able to start.

I love the ocean races because they are a metaphor of life: we work, struggle and rejoice even if we can not be the first (moreover depending on which?).

Fortunately, the sea, like life, sometimes think to “shuffle the cards” and give some surprises.
Sometimes I hear: “I do not have a budget to prepare a boat to get to the top.I’m too competitive, so I will not start!”
For me, being competitive means to love the competition itself regardless of the potential outcome. Sail into a boat to get cold and the sea, or get on a ring for getting punched in the face, and resist efforts to gain every inch is synonymous with victory. Perhaps also for this reason in times of crisis people are passionate about sports where athletes give everything of themselves, as American football, rugby or boxing.

Partecipate a Vendée Globe is a unique opportunity, I am sure that Alessandro Di Benedetto, Tanguy Lamotte, Bertrand de Broc and everyone else are struggling not to loose another mile against the others, and for this they have all my support and admiration.

I take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays and thank you again for the wonderful messages. See you soon, Sergio.