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Nannini at Global Ocean Race

Armare is the technical sponsor of the class 40 “Financial Crisis”
30.000 miles around the world.

The Global Ocean Race 2011-2012 saw the crews tackle the most challenging waters of the planet.
Started in September 25 2011 from Mallorca (Spain), Marco Nannini and Sergio Frattaruolo ended in June 7, 2012 in Les Sables d’Olonne, via Cape Town, Wellington, Punta del Este and Charleston (USA), for a total of of 30,000 nautical miles.

The crew has gained a fantastic second place at the end of this adventure lasted more than eight months.
Armare products were a winning choiche for the crew during this demanding challenge: for eight months they have been put in extreme weather conditions, passing all the tests brilliantly.

From Armare a heartfelt thanks to Marco Nannini and Sergio Frattuolo for their extraordinary performance.