Between grains and unstable winds

The days pass between grains and unstable wind that runs continuously and force me to maneuver a lot.
I often find myself to change tack four times in the same hour, send and lower the Code Zero several times in a row, just to earn a few miles.
On the day before yesterday, after problems with the hydrogenerator, I decided to set up the wind turbine so for now a big part of the battery charge is made from the wind.
The circuit wedge of the rudder is broken, so I made some knots to replace it and it should hold until Les Sables.
I started again my little “vegetable garden” production to make new salads as between the two tropics, without the high humidity and heat, it is more difficult to grow the seeds.
From time to time I find flying fish and presto… there we go to the kitchen!
Today I prepared donuts again but now the meal is almost over … it’s time to go home … 😉

Giornale di bordo